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Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language.

7.6% of the world’s population speaks Spanish. That is 580 million people, 500 of them being native Spanish Speakers.

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Spanish Represents 7.9% of Worldwide Internet Users

Although being the world’s second most widely spoken language, it only makes up 4% of the content on the top 10 million websites. Businesses will be able to take advantage of this significant marketing opportunity.

Spanish Localization

Spanish is the official language of 20 different countries, in which there are variations that can be seen in the vocabulary and grammar.

We consider the context and nuances of each region. We specialize in translating for a target audience, as well as in standard Spanish that is understood in all Spanish-speaking countries.

Translation Services

Standard Translation

Our translation and editing services create an excellent final product ready for publishing. Books, websites, video games, software, and all kinds of texts that reach a public audience. We rely on cutting-edge technology to minimize human error and produce a reliable finished product. Paladria reviews work with highly qualified translators and editors in their respective fields. This ensures the message is understood as it was written in the original language.

Fast Translation

Our translators can provide a quick, clear understanding of texts for personal use and not intended for publication, such as instruction manuals, book quotes, letters, recipes, and other documents. A translator specialized in the topic is responsible for delivering a product sufficiently clear to understand, in record time and at an incomparable price. We cannot rely on a translation done by a computer or robot. Human insight is essential to capture the subtleties of language.

Text Review

Paladria works with self-publishing authors, writers of university theses and texts, book reviews and general writers to correct grammar, spelling, and drafting for a highly professional result. Authors who are ready to publish their book, revise the text prior to launching themselves into the market, or who wish to avoid the high copy-editing costs of main publishing editors can rely on Paladria.

Audio Dubbing

We offer voice-over and audio dubbing services in various languages. Our team of professionals, experts in their fields, provide script translation, audio file editing, voice-over, and dubbing to convey your message exactly as intended. Paladria provides the commitment to detail required for voice-overs and dubbings. And our clients receive the highest quality audio files.

What makes us unique

  • Consultation

    Not sure what languages are best for your market needs? Let us do that work for you. We know how to do the research that identifies the best audiences for your product.

  • Quality

    We have three decades of experience communicating ideas, purpose, and products across continents. Our translators are vetted and chosen for their mastery in translating and writing in the target language.

  • Localization

    We know translation goes beyond the literal meaning of words. Translations are contextual and culturally nuanced. We focus our translations on the target audience so it can relate to your product.

  • Formats

    We accept any formats, such as Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, TXT, INDESIGN, PSD, AI, PNG, JPEG, BMP, EPS, TIFF, GIF, etc. We can translate your website with just your URL.

Translation Specialties

  • IT/Software

  • Websites and Apps

  • Videogames

  • Media and Publishing

  • Tourism

  • Retail and E-commerce

  • Marketing

  • Engineering

  • Financial

  • Science and Medicine

  • Books and Flyers

  • Business

More than 100 languages available

We have built a professional network of translators for over two decades. Below you will find our most popular languages. If you require a translation in a language that is not listed, contact us and we will find the right person for your project.

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