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Website and App Translation Services

By translating your website, you gain:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased website traffic
  • Better SEO ranking
  • Higher global visibility and more potential customers
  • Brand recognition and trust

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The Statistics of Website and App Translations

40% of brands have not localized their website, but for those who have, these are the results…

  • Neil Patel’s website traffic has increased by 47%.
  • Jimmy Fairly’s international conversion rate has increased by x6.
  • After translating his website into 3 languages, Ron Dorff’s traffic increased by +400%.
Website and App Translation Services

Translate Your Website or App To Appeal to the Consumer

56% of online customers say that reading a product’s information written in their native language is more important to them than pricing.

60% of online shoppers never or rarely buy a product that is not written in their native language.

Website and App Translation Services

How SEO Works When Translating Your Website

Nowadays, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to get Google to put you where you want to be: in the top search results. And to get Google’s attention, content is king. And if it is a translation, it must be of high quality and use the keywords that will rank in that language.

For that reason you need to work with people who are not only experts in translation but also in digital marketing. They must be professionals with the ability to help you capture Google’s attention. Only by being bold and going beyond our own little worlds can we truly go global.

Brand Recognition by Translating Your Website

There’s no denying it, the more you go global, the more people know about you, and the more recognition your brand will get. Whether it’s a blog, an article or a service. Popularity is only acquired by entering the market. And translating your website is one of the most obvious ways. You want the world to know what you sell. And there are 7,100 languages in the world. Of course, we can start with just one language in addition to the original.

The Description of Your Services or Products in a Foreign Language

If your product or service is aimed at a global market beyond your city or country, it is definitely a good idea to translate your information. Let’s say you have a clothing brand with innovative and artistic designs. You could capture a large segment in a country where art deco fashion predominates and your models would be a real trend. Now, if your potential customer reads the description of your best jacket and doesn’t understand that the material is high quality velvet, he might not buy it. You don’t just sell with pictures, the description is vital and is what really closes the sale. A creative and well-written translation sells.

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