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Certified Marketing Translation Services

By investing time and money to translate your marketing content, you’re demonstrating to potential customers that you care enough to communicate with them in their native language. Overall, by translating your marketing content you will:

  • Boost sales
  • Communicate your message clearly and effectively
  • Reach a larger customer base
  • Have a competitive advantage
  • Take advantage of emerging markets
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Make a good impression

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Connect With Your Target Audience

Your marketing content must emotionally resonate with your target audience in order to encourage them to purchase your products or services.

Your target market will be able to trust you more easily if you translate your marketing materials. A qualified translation will guarantee that the reader won’t be misled from the message you’re trying to convey. It’s critical that the tone of the text is likewise carried into the new language for your words to have the intended effect. A skilled marketing translator can detect tone of speech, which an automated translation system cannot.

Certified Marketing Translation Services

Reach a Larger Customer Base by Translating Your Marketing Content

According to CSA Research, 76% of online buyers prefer purchasing items from websites in their native tongue, and 40% of consumers will not shop from websites in other languages.

Economic developments in other countries of the globe can expand the pool of potential customers, but only if companies make an attempt to approach customers on their own language and cultural grounds. Need some more inspiration? Check out these 5 global marketing strategy examples.

Certified Marketing Translation Services

Marketing in Foreign Languages

Translating your marketing strategy into a foregin language is an art. If you use a play on words in your slogan or use local sports or celebrity themes to reach a particular audience in one country or region, all that work can go to waste if you try to apply it in another language or region.

For obvious reasons, localized marketing must be translated by expert advertisers who have the ability to create new puns in the specific language.

It may even be necessary to create a new strategy based on the original but with unique characters and themes.

Five Examples of Serious Marketing Translation Mistakes:

1) The Dutch brand specializing in stables launched a product for collecting horse manure called MestBoy that an automated program translated as “Shitty Little Boy” and marketed it under that name.

2) An English painter named Hookers named the color green he used for the leaves in his still lifes. The term “Hookers Green” is widely used to describe this color among artists. In the Amazon catalog in Spanish, the description “color verde puta” (prostitute color green) is frequently seen. A color mistranslated by a bot leads you straight to a whorehouse.

3) When the Ford company wanted to promote in Belgium its cars with their magnificent attributes, it didn’t spend much on the translation of its famous slogan “Every car comes with a high quality body”. When the Belgians found that “Every car comes with a high quality carcass”, they thought twice before embarking on that adventure.

4) In 2001, Honda wanted to launch its Fitta model in Scandinavian countries, without having the slightest idea that in these countries, in ancient slang, that word refers to female genitalia. And with its accompanying slogan: “Big on the inside, small on the outside” they managed to cause such a commotion in the market that they soon had to change its name to “Honda Jazz”. But they left engraved in the memory of their Scandinavian public, one of the country’s biggest advertising blunders.

5) There was a campaign to promote milk with great success in the USA, the slogan “Got Milk?” reached the masses. Until someone came up with the idea of launching it in Mexico with the translation “¿Estás mamando?” (Are you sucking?). At this point, I don’t know what to say anymore.

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