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How To Create a Global Marketing Strategy With Content

How To Create a Global Marketing Strategy With Content

Adapting our content to meet multicultural needs is necessary to cater to a global audience. Without these steps, you will be ignored by potential clients.

To create a global marketing strategy with content you must:

  • Understand cultural differences
  • Know your audience
  • Translate and localize content
  • Do multilingual SEO

1. Why Is Understanding Cultural Differences Important for Your Global Marketing Strategy With Content?

The absolute first key to globalizing is to look into the culture of your target audience.

There are different aspects of a culture that might be relevant to your brand. For example each place has their own respective holidays and knowing these holidays is a fantastic way to tap into the local market. Countries will also have different languages and dialects and catering to the relevant audience(s) requires you literally speaking to them in their language. Whether your product, service, or good is political or not, being aware of the current politics is still a good idea. Consider what might happen if you accidentally use colors that represent a specific political party, for example.

understand cultural differences in your global marketing strategy

2. Why Is Knowing Your Audience Crucial for Your Global Marketing Strategy With Content?

Do some data analysis and research on consumer behavior and establish a clear audience.

What age bracket would you like to appeal to? There’s information our there that will tell you who is consuming what and how often. By figuring out things like age, their interests, or geographical region, you can speak directly to them through marketing strategies. In order to reach them however, you must know them to a point that feels intimate. The more a consumer feels like they are personally being spoken to, the more likely they are to buy whatever you’re selling.

3. Why Is Translating and Localizing Your Content Important for Your Global Marketing Strategy?

You have great content, now all you need to do is translate and localize it.

The good news is you do not have to re-create all your content for each individual audience. The not so good news is that translating content is never enough when it comes to globalizing your brand. Like we mentioned before, dialects can vary, and understanding cultural references goes beyond translation.

You need to work with a translation team that includes locals.

This local should be the one in charge of localizing your products since a simple translator many times won’t do. To understand the value and definition of localizing check out this article.

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4. Why Is Multilingual SEO Important for Your Global Marketing Strategy?

Hiring someone who knows how to do search engine optimization in various languages will save you money.

Content marketing is the bridge between your product and target audience.

Since the old forms of media like television and newspaper ads only go so far, we must turn to the social media giants that people are using today. Search engine optimization is they key to that door. By having someone who understands not only the language of the technology but the language of the people, you can bridge that gap and have a whole team of people in just one person instead. A key step to expanding our audience base and doing it in a profitable way.

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