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Master the 4 International Marketing Challenges

Master the 4 International Marketing Challenges

There are certain marketing challenges that might stifle the internationalization process. By being aware of them beforehand you can nip them in the bud.

The four international marketing challenges are:

  1. Increased competition
  2. Inefficient campaign segmentation
  3. Language barriers
  4. Local channels

1. The International Marketing Challenge Of Increased Competition


When trying to globalize a business, not only do we have to deal with the global market, we have to deal with the local markets of our new audiences as well.


Keep realistic expectations of you growth based on the limits of your resources.

Have you ever heard of a website that got so popular it crashed? Sometimes we get unexpected surges of attention and it crashes our platform. If we try to expand too quickly we might miss our margin for profit. Therefore, when globalizing, take small steps. Many big brands haven’t taken the world by storm over night, they expand little by little. In the same way, take your time to learn about the cultures you want to expand to and be weary to not bite more than the business can chew. This leads us perfectly into the next topic.

increased competition in marketing

2. The International Marketing Challenge Of Inefficient Campaign Segmentation


Don’t grow out of greed, grow out of providing a product to an audience you know.


Get to know the audience before attempting to appeal from a place of ignorance.

By moving too quickly out of a desire to expand without knowing our audience, we miss the opportunity to communicate with them in an efficient and relatable way. This means rather than by applying the same methods that were successful in other places, we listen to what consumers need and appeal to their satisfaction. Cultural awareness needs to be applied to campaigns and having the right programs, staff, or insight that understands relating and references.

3. The International Marketing Challenge Of Language Barriers


Wanting to expand to a place where you do not know the language.


Beyond having the surface of your services be translated, your audience must be able to interact with your product in their own language.

The data shows that people are more prone to buying products that are in their language. This means not only do they have to understand the language, but it needs to sound like it’s speaking to them specifically. This goes beyond translating. The marketing language needs to be internationalized since this sometimes means changing the words completely. Do not underestimate or overlook how much relatability sells and how often this is done through language.

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4. The International Marketing Challenge Of Local Channels


While social media might seem international to us, other countries also have their own social media and in between, there’s a gap where we aren’t connected.


Get familiarized with local channels and create localized content.

One of our greater errors can be assuming that Facebook or Instagram are the most popular app everyone uses. Spotify started in Sweden, China has WeChat while WhatsApp is more popular in Central and South America. Depending on who the audience is, we need to localize our content not only to their language but also through their social media channels.

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