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How to Stand Out as a Translator

How to Stand Out as a Translator

The more the world becomes smaller through the use of the internet, the more competitive the field of translation gets.

If you’d like to stand out as a translator, you may want to consider these steps:

  • Get certified
  • Improve your visibility
  • Learn to strategize
  • Start a blog

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1. Stand Out as a Translator by Getting Certified

Being certified as a translator isn’t necessary, which is why it’ll give you an edge if you are certified.

Most of the time people only need to be certified if they’re going to translate official or government documents. Otherwise, being a certified translator is more of a promise that you have been formally educated in translation. While it is not a requirement in most cases, it absolutely will give a translator an edge over other uncertified candidates in a job interview. While a certification isn’t a guarantee that a translator is the best one, it sure doesn’t hurt the translator’s case.

2. Stand Out as a Translator by Improving Your Visibility

If people don’t know you exist, they can’t hire you so make sure to use social media to your advantage.

Before you start posting anything, you should have a target audience. What is the age bracket? What are their interests? By having a specific person or group of people in mind, you can aim your posts towards them. Your posts should be relevant to the languages you speak, play to your strengths, and go up on a daily basis. This also allows you to connect directly to your audience. Having an updated LinkedIn profile is a must.

3. Stand Out as a Translator by Learning to Strategize

If you aren’t working on a translating gig, you must be working on your brand.

As a freelancer, we are our own brand, and we must constantly be investing in it. Whether it’s with social media content, or reaching out to potential clients, there is always something to do. Once you have your target audience, you’ll want to have different strategies to connect to them. Your online platform must be broad and active on a constant basis. Have a plan and an outline of what kind of content you will create and where you will be posting this content.

learn to strategize as a translator

4. Stand Out as a Translator by Starting a Blog

In order to strengthen your social media presence, start a blog that is relevant to translations with your own personal twist.

Your blog, like your other social media, should be about giving a sneak peek to a possible client. Translating also means writing well, and a blog is a fantastic way to show off various skills. Investigate how best to get the views that you need, and then create content that fits those needs. Perhaps you want to discuss the history of translation, talk about translation mistakes, translation technology, linguistics, or any aspect of translation that interests you specifically.

woman starting a blog

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